Friday, November 13, 2009

cinta : we better this way


since when i know you,
for the things that we've been through,
let's chill and stay,
we better this way.

hard to say and remember,
hard to breath like forever,
between in sweet and sour,
just feel more than a shaver.

yes i'm proud to loving you,
to share everything in a something new,
hold it black and blue,
even thou we more like a crew.

take my hand and clap this land,
even in pain,snow and rain,
feel it when ever sick or blend,
but still to say,
we better this way.


sang bicara:seikhlas bicara...ruang ini hanya untuk bahasa ibunda..namun terkadang sedar..ide yang menimpa bukan hanya satu suara dan rupa..apa pun..indah kan bahasa??

1 comment:

  1. alamak...
    yang ni lagi syahdu la......
    i loikkeeee.....


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